Do you have stress in your free time?

Is it normal to have stress at work? Yes, it is normal at the moment. It is not really good to have stress. 52% are saying that they have stress at work. And more and more people have stress in their free time. Luckily, I have no stress in my free time but it is coming more and more people that have stress.

In my live there is a big stress factor the school. We don’t have much exams. In English there are two per year. But a big problem are the tests. Nearly every suspect has tests. In Math we have four tests and four exams.

A really stressful situation is if we have one exam and one test next week, a deadline four Ckpm or GGP and much homework. Then you have so much to do that there is not really time for something else.

If you have stress Caffeine, Alcohol, and Nicotine is no option. You can try Relaxation Techniques or to sleep more. It can also help to talk to somebody or write everything down. Another solution is to manage your time better.

Do you have stress in your free time or at work? Do you know people the have stress in there free time? Please leave a comment below.

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